Vision & Philosophy

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr.

Studies and research indicate that strong leadership impacts student success.  Our board is committed to continuing our own education by attending school board conferences and meetings.  We are then able to convey best practices and exceptional governance to school leaders, who in turn are given the charge of doing what is best for the children they impact daily.

By learning the best ways to implement policy without micromanaging and by giving our administrators the freedom to introduce proven programs to enhance student learning and achievement, I want my leadership to have helped to ensure that every child has the intellectual, social, and emotional skills he or she needs to thrive and, in turn, to pass those skills on to the next generation. 

Every child matters and deserves an education.  When children can figure out who they are, what they do well, what they love doing, and how to achieve their goals, then they can grow up to be happy individuals who contribute to our society.

 The cornerstone to a democratic society is an educated society.  Based on the common good principle, people paid taxes so we could be educated.  In turn, we pay taxes to educate children, our future.

When people are educated, the economy flourishes, and we experience an improved standard of living.  By having an educated work force, more money is put into the system, benefitting all of us.  The higher the standard of living, the higher the chances of having a robust economy and a strong retirement system become.   As a board member, I have a responsibility to parents, to citizens who do not have children in the district, and to all taxpayers to show that board decisions make a positive difference for our students and community.    We want to create student success with our financial investments.  Today’s investments create tomorrow’s world.